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Rust Bullet- Automotive

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  • Model: rub.A
  • 93 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Rust Bullet



Rust Bullet Automotive is formulated to be a little thinner than the industrial so that it flows out a little better and is easier to top coat, If you don't require and asetetic top coat and need to build the material 12 mil thick as on a boat bottom you would use the standard formula, samething just thicker. 

Rust Bullet's Superior Patented Technology permanently stops rust and corrosion. Rust Bullet performs like a powder coating but without the expense involved with the powder coating process. Rust Bullet can be applied directly over rusted and clean metal surfaces with little or no surface preparation.

Rust Bullet's versatility provides exceptional protection from the damaging effects of extreme weather conditions, abrasive objects, harsh chemicals, and other destructive elements. Rust Bullet protects various metals, as well as, other substrates including concrete, wood, and fiberglass making it the ideal coating for everything from metal roofs to concrete floors.

RustBullet has been scientifically proven by Accredited Independent Laboratories to be the best rust preventive, corrosion inhibitive, protective coating on the market today. Rust Bullet should not be confused with rust converters or rust encapsulators; Rust Bullet's unique, superior, patented coating kills rust permanently. According to the Thomas Register, the world's leading resource for industrial products and services, there are 319 companies that market rust/corrosion control products; all of these companies claim they have the best product. We also claim we have the best; so, to separate Rust Bullet from these other products, we spent years of extensive research, testing Rust Bullet against the market leaders using independent laboratories and numerous real life environmental situations. We not only claim to be the best, we have proven it.

Environmental Awareness Protecting our environment is a key issue to Rust Bullet, LLC. Corrosion is recognized as one of the most serious problems in our modern societies and the resulting losses each year are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Rust Bullet’s ability to restore virtually any substrate to a corrosion free, usable state, can eliminate millions of tons of unusable waste from our landfills. Rust Bullet is considered an environmentally friendly solution to corrosion. Rust Bullet products contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates, no heavy metals, no acids, and no pesticides. Water held in a container coated with Rust Bullet was tested for potability after 30 days and then again after 120 days and met the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) primary and secondary drinking water standards. Rust Bullet effectively encapsulates mold and other bio-hazards and performed better than most Fire Retardant Coatings in the ASTM E84-04 test for the Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. Choosing a rust paint has become very easy.

ANNEX PAINT is the Authorized Southern California Sales and service center for Rust Bullet. While it is easy to use. There are specific application procedures that need to be followed. If you don't have these or aren't familiar with the materials contact us and we'll be glad to assist you with training and documentation.

MSDS's are available upon request.

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