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CIC CW 4002 Catalyst for CIC products

CIC CW 4002 Catalyst for CIC products

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  • Model: CIC CW 4002
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  • Manufactured by: CIC Coatings
This is the catalyst for the Centurion Waterbased Polyurethane, it is mixed one part per every 4 parts of the urethane. This is the activator that gives the coating it's incredible hardness 1 quart per gallon

Measure out the amount of polyurethane you are going to use and then gradually pour in the hardener while stirring the mix. do not dump the entire content in to the urethane all at once but pour it in gradually while stirring the mix, this allows the chemicals to mix and begin the process of cross linking. Please read MSDS and product label before using. Applications tools must be cleaned with water after use. Dispose of any leftover coating in accordance with local, state or federal regulations The hardener its self is not reduced but the mixed pot may be reduced with tap water

Main Properties:
 This product contains isocyanates and should be handled with Gloves
 tightly secure the lid to the can of hardener

MSDS's are available upon request.

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