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CIC, White Gloss Conversion coating

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  • Model: CIC-3134
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs
  • 50 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: CIC Coatings

CIC White Conversion Varnish is a high performance, non-yellowing catalyzed varnish, with a proven track record in industrial use for high quality cabinets, furniture and fixtures. This varnish can be applied over stained or natural wood as a self-sealing system or over a high quality vinyl sealer. If a separate sealer is used, we recommend CIC 2007 vynal sealer and safety concerns by its low HAPs and VOC formulations. This product meets all of the pertinent government regulations regarding emissions and exceeds the performance parameters outlined by KCMA and ASTM.

Product Preparation & Application

Material Preparation: Catalyze CIC  White Conversion Varnish with pre-packaged catalyst kit in a stainless steel or plastic lined container. Mix or agitate thoroughly before use. Reduction may be required for certain types of application. Xylene or Toluene may be used for reduction. If used in an area where HAPS is an issue use this product can be thinned with compliant LAcquer thinner, Oxal or Xylene
Application:  White Conversion Varnish is designed for spray application. Temperature will affect viscosity. All products are designed to achieve the highest possible solids content at a viscosity low enough to allow proper spray atomization without the addition of costly chemical solvents. It is recommended that this product be applied 3-4 wet mils per coat with a maximum of three coats for the total coating system. It may be applied as a self-sealing system or a high quality conversion sealer,  may be used as the first coat. Maximum dry film thickness should not exceed four mils.

Clean-up: UseLacquer Thinner or  HAPs Free Lacquer Thinner to clean all equipment. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State, and Local regulation regarding pollution.

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