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Titanium Water based acrylic/urethane coating, gloss

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  • Model: GEM.WB-02XX
  • Shipping Weight: 11lbs
  • 97 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Gemini Wood Coatings

Titanium Waterborne High Solids Acrylic coatings are a single component, acrylic / urethane modified, high solids waterborne coatings system containing low levels of solvent allowing for reduction in VOCs and HAPs. this product has less tham 1gram per liter VOC. Utilizing the latest waterborne technology, this system can be used as an introductory performance coating in areas where extreme water and chemical resistance are not necessary. Apply two or three coats, self-sealing, or if a sealer is desired, use two coats of Titanium Waterborne Sealer/Primer and one topcoat. This product meets all of the pertinent government regulations regarding emissions and meets or exceeds the performance parameters outlined by KCMA and ASTM
Product Advantages
Low Odor
Provides Excellent Sandability
Quick Dry
Quick Stack Time
Excellent Film Building Properties
Excellent Flow and Leveling
Minimum Grain Raise
Durable Moisture and Chemical Resistant Film
Meets KCMA and ASTM Performance Requirements

Steps for Applying Waterborne Coatings

Stain - Apply stain by brush, rag or spray. Allow stain to dry according to directions.

Sealer - Apply one coat of sealer/primer (WBS-0100 for clear system, WBP-1100 for white systems). Allow sealer to dry 20 minutes or longer according to temperature and humidity. Use 320 stearated sandpaper to sand. All sanding dust MUST be removed before proceeding to next step.

Top Coat - Apply the Titanium Series topcoat of your choice. Use as many full, wet topcoats as you need to achieve the desired depth and build. Allow at least 30 minutes between coats. Sand between finish coats with 320 stearated sandpaper. Titanium series waterborne does not re-wet like conventional solvent based lacquers and scratch patterns will be visible if a coarser sandpaper is used.

Rubbing - After your final coat has cured for 2-3 days, you may rub the finish with 0000 steel wood or any polishing substrates. If using steel wool, all residue must be removed before recoating. Maximum durability will be reached after the finish has cured for 30 days.

Helpful Hints - Stir waterborne coatings. Do not shake! Use only 320 stearated sandpaper for sanding between coats. Spray full wet coats. A ratio of 1 part water and 1 part SOL-0061 (Retarder) mixed together will create an appropriate reducer. After mixing the reducer you may add up to 10% to your ready-to-spray finish as a retarder.

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