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chlor-rid Structual

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CHLOR*RID STRUCTURAL is the concentrate added to a pressure washing system as opposed to the DTS product. the product  is a chemically engineered to aid in the removal of chlorides, sulfates, nitrates and surface reacted salts. Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and is biodegradable. CHLOR*RID STRUCTURAL is recommended for use as part of surface preparation prior to application of primers or coatings on a variety of surfaces, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, wood, plastics and others.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Best surface preparation yields the best results. If hydrocarbons are present, they should be removed prior to salt removal. Barrier materials, such as rust or scale or delaminated coatings, should be removed prior to salt removal. Sufficient mechanical force, such as high pressure water or wet abrasive blast, may be utilized so barrier materials are removed as part of salt removal procedures.

APPLICATION: CHLOR*RID STRUCTURAL is usually applied by pressure washer but other methods can be used. See Direction Sheet for best methods. Contact CHLOR RID International, Inc. or an Authorized Distributor for other methods or technical support. Prior to cleaning or blasting, test surfaces for contaminants with the CHLOR*TESTTM kit. After cleaning or blasting a small sample area, retest to verify cleanliness. Adjust speed of travel, pressure or dilution as necessary and retest to verify desired cleanliness level is attained. It is not necessary to use the entire contents. Partially filled containers should be closed tightly.

EQUIPMENT CLEANUP: Flush with clean fresh water. * Color: Orange * Packaging: 1/5/55 U.S. Gallon * Typical coverage: 200-500 Sq. Ft./ Gal. * Single Component * No VOC’s * Shelf Life: 36 months * pH 3.3 (+/- .2) * Application Temperature: +32o F * Keep from freezing – if frozen, thaw before use. * Non-Flammable WARRANTY: CHLOR RID International Inc. warrants this product to be identical in chemical and physical properties from batch to batch within the specification limits of the raw materials used in their manufacture. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not mix with other chemicals. See M.S.D.S. for full precautions prior to use. This product is intended for professional use only. MSDS's are available upon request.

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