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Dex-Coat, Smooth & Non-skid Deck Coating


  • Model: Mon.2600
  • 78 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Monochem

MONOCHEM DEX-COAT ,is a water-based, acrylic deck sealer that forms a tough finish for all exterior/interior floor surfaces. It can be applied to latex painted or unpainted concrete, cement, wood, masonry, metal, and asphalt.has outstanding durability and its abrasive-resistance quality assures excellent wear even in heavy traffic areas. It displays high resistanceto alkali, acid,UV exposure and moisture. When cured, will remain elastic and will contract and expand with temperature and weather variances.

Ideal for residential or industrial applications: swimming pool areas, porches,patios, walkways, basketball courts, tennis courts, and available in either smooth or textured, clear base or white base,and can be tinted to any color using Universal Colorants.

Item No. 2600: Smooth White Base -
Item No. 2700: Textured White Base -
Item No. 2800: Textured Clear Base -
Item No. 2900: Smooth Clear Base -

Surface preparation is critical to product performance. The surface to be coated must be dry and clean, free from all dirt, dust, oil,grease, wax and any loose materials or contaminants.

  Wood surfaces should be sanded to a rough finish to   provide “tooth” for the coating.
  Wood decks or dimensional lumber built with gaps between planks shouldbe taped and caulked. This protects against water   penetrating behind thecoating, which creates hydrostatic   pressure.
  We recommend sealing all sides of the wood to prevent moisture   penetration.
  The moisture content of the wood must be 13% or lower.
  Dex-Coat will not stop tannin acid or bleeding from wood.   Tannin acid iscommonly found in pine, redwood, and cedar. Forapplication over woodsthat contain tannin acid, we require   applying MONOCHEM AQUAPRIME as a stain blocker/primer before   applying Dex-Coat.

All rust and contaminants must be removed by lightly blasting with fine abrasives or by conducting a light etching with MONOCHEM METAL ETCH to minimize rust formation in areas where rust has previously formed, we require applying a rust inhibitive metal primerwithin 6 hours after preparing the surface.

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