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  • Model: MON.3900
  • 89 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Monochem

PERMASEAL is a clear water-base penetrating 100% Acrylic mulsion specially formulated to cure, seal and dustproof interior and exterior concrete floors, decks, docks, ramps and pavement. PERMASEAL is a quick dry non-yellowing semigloss. It creates a long-lasting waterproof barrier that protects against water damage, acids, alkali, oil stains, grease, chemical fumes and ultraviolet degradation. PERMASEAL is a milky white liquid that sprays on and dries clear.

PERMASEAL is used to enhance the natural beauty of:

   Exposed aggregates
   Roof Tile Mortar
   Fresh Concrete, Cured Bare Concrete & Aged Concrete

It is ideal for warehouses, kitchens, manufacturing plants, utility buildings, parking centers, medical and educational offices. PERMASEAL offers outstanding exterior and interior durability. It cures to a hard and abrasion resistant finish without looking varnished.

Cures, seals, and dustproofs in a one coat application No solvent vapors when spraying Very low VOC Resists penetration of oil, grease and certain chemicals Helps control efflorescence Helps control cracking in concrete Resists water blushing and standing water Complies with Federal and Corps of Engineers Specifications for concrete surface treatment USDA & FDA approved as a concrete floor sealer in inspected meat and poultry areas Meets ASTM C-309 Specifications Can be tiled or painted over

LEED CREDITS PERMASEAL qualifies for earning LEED® credits for Indoor EnvironmentalQuality, EQ4.2 Low-Emitting Materials, based on low contribution of VOC.

The surface must be free from all dirt, dust, and contaminants which will inhibit the penetration of PERMASEAL into the pores of concrete. Any curing, scaling or coating agents must be chemically or mechanically removed. If acid is used to open the pores of smooth or non-porous concrete, the surface must be flushed sufficiently with water and neutralized before applying must be applied in a small area prior to doing the job to ensure proper results and determine coverage and application procedures. Apply in a continuous film. The best results are achieved with a hand or power sprayer (0.035 tip). A roller, soft bristle broom, or squeegee may also be used.

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