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Imron Industrial Strength polyurethane

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  • Model: DUP.9T0X
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Axalta

DuPont Imron Industrial Strength® is the next generation of Imron technology. Based upon patented DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron® Industrial Strength is the fastest Imron yet, providing the "Wet Look that Lasts" with the lowest environmental impact. Imron Industrial Strength can be purchased in Gloss, Semi gloss, Satin or Flat.

0.3 lbs/gal VOC conforming, low HAPS, polyurethane topcoats.
This product is completely compliant in the South coast air quality management district It can be applied by manufactures and on-site by professional applicators in the field.
The resulting finish product provides a brush, roll or sprayable topcoat suitable for use in any environment where long term color and variable gloss are desired.

Suggested Uses:
As a high performance, tough, industrial strength semi gloss polyurethane topcoat over properly prepared and primed aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized, concrete or dry wall where:
• Outstanding color protection with reduced gloss is required
• Low environmental footprint is desired
• Application by brush, roll or spray is desired
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Very good skydrol resistance is needed
• Outstanding flexibility is needed
• Faster dry times are desired
• In-field color shading is needed

Not recommended for: Immersion service

Aged Imron® Industrial Strength may be re-coated with itself following washing with clean, fresh water – no mechanical surface preparation is required. Imron® Industrial Strength can be applied over other DuPont Industrial Coatings including, but not limited to Imron® Industrial Strength Primers, Imron® Waterborne Polyurethane Copolymer coatings, Corlar® epoxies,Tufcote® acrylics, and Tufcote® alkyd primers.
Imron® Industrial Strength may be used over most aged and hard-cured coatings in good condition. Testing for lifting, bubbling and adhesion is recommended to assure compatibility with unknown coatings. Contact your Annex Industrial Coatings representative for specific recommendations.

Imron® Industrial Strength is mainly a mix system, utilizing balanced factory packaged colors, 9TXX colors and 9T20™ Flattener. These colors can then be used by themselves as topcoats or in combination with other colors to make thousands of mixed colors.

Color Availability:
9T01™ – White
9T02™ – Black (match to 1640)
9T03™ – Yellow
9T04™ – Violet
9T05™ – Yellow Orange Shade
9T06™ – Red Orange Shade
9T07™ – Blue Green Shade
9T08™ – Yellow Oxide
9T09™ – Green
9T10™ – Red
9T11™ – White (match to 1632)
9T13™ – Orange
9T12™ – Red Oxide
9T14™ – Transparent Red
9T15™ – Magenta
9T16™ – Violet-Blue Shade
9T17™ – Blue-Red Shade
9T20™ – Flattener

Gloss@ 60° angles – Semi = 50-65° Satin = 25-45° Flat = 0 - 10°

Pricing varies with the colors; Whites being the least expensive pricing around $66 a gallon to Reds as much as $185. a gallon.

Annex paint can color match any straight color or sheen you may require. Imron is is not designed for metalics or pearls, these however can be made with automotive materials. MSDS's are available upon request.

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